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Numerology-aligned name can enhance wealth opportunities

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Balanced name improves communication and connections

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Aligned name boosts confidence and decision-making

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As I reflect on my illustrious journey in the realm of Numerology spanning over 16 enriching years, I find myself humbled by the impact I’ve been fortunate to make. It’s been an honour to serve as a beacon of guidance for over 9,000 plus clients across the globe, leaving an imprint on their lives that’s truly heartening. My deep-seated expertise in numerology has allowed me to unravel the intricate paths individuals navigate when standing at life’s crossroads, helping them make informed decisions that resonate with their essence.

Leading Kismat Connects has been an amazing journey for me. The largest Instagram following in numerology for my Kismat Connects Instagram reflects how insights inspire. A top-rated Google status reflects deep trust in transformative guidance.                             

BREAKING MYTH - Numerology services CAN BE taken EVEN if you are NOT in trouble or Facing any difficulty in life !!!! YES!

You can leverage science of Numerology in all these areas

  • Career Alignment: Find a job or business that matches your strengths.
  • Partnership Harmony: Know if people click, in work and life.
  • Smart Choices: Choose names and paths for success.
  • Self-Growth: Learn more about you, be confident.
  • Money Moves: Plan well, use good times.
  • Stay Healthy: Know health tendencies, stay strong.
  • Luck Boost: Numbers can attract good energy.
  • Timing Matters: Pick lucky days for events.
  • Home Bliss: Pick properties with positive vibes.
  • Solve it: Solve issues with new angles.
  • Education Path: Know what’s best for learning.


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Experience newfound stability in your financial journey

Enhanced Stability

Enjoy increased stability in your career, business, and relationships.

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Garner greater respect in both personal and professional circles

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Free Numerology best seller e – Book "Numerology Personalities Unveiled"

  • Discover Your True Self: Learn how numerology unveils your character and life purpose.
  • Connect Globally: Find common ground with influential figures worldwide.
  • Personal Growth: Gain self-awareness and navigate your personal journey effectively.
  • Deep Insights: Understand how numbers shape your life, providing profound wisdom.

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  • “Discover Holistic Well-being: Learn ancient Indian crystal practices for balance in body, mind, and spirit.
  • Immerse in Spiritual Heritage: Explore India’s crystal traditions in rituals and cosmic energies.
  • Practical Integration: Apply crystals in daily life, enhancing relationships and productivity.

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Free Crystal Remedy Advise

  • Sajit Kesavan will recommend best suited crystals, Following are the benefits
    • Crystals reduce stress, potentially improving financial decision-making.
    • They enhance mental clarity for better financial choices.
    • Crystals reinforce commitment to financial goals.
  • We DO NOT PROVIDE crystals; we only suggest which one you should wear

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Enhanced Financial Fortunes

Numerology-aligned name can enhance wealth opportunities

Heightened Personal Relationships:

Balanced name improves communication and connections.

Boosted Confidence and Success

Aligned name boosts confidence and decision-making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Report will be shared as a pdf over what’s app or email

You DO NOT HAVE TO change recommended name in government records. You need to start writing the name that i will recommend daily certain number of times in a plain notebook. Additionally, you can use recommended name in social media, create a new email id with modified name and that will start giving results. We mention all this in my report.

There is ABSOLUTELY no negative or side effect of getting name corrected. On the contrary it brings addition GOOD luck from time to time

Sajit Kesavan has taken up the mission to positively impact 1 million lives through Numerology. This is only possible if price is kept so low that anyone can afford it. That is the only reason for keeping the price at 501/- for now.

We will keep the sound of the name same and make only spelling corrections.

If you don’t implement the crystal remedies and just implement the name recommendation part, you will still see the positive impact. Crystal advise is just an additional advise to bring additional good luck.

Yes, we do share rules to use modified name. This is part of this report

No we don’t recommend name for new born babies. You need to share proposed name and we will evaluate and correct if required

There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE EFFECT of name correction. It brings additional GOOD LUCK from time to time

This is not a software generated report and this is prepared for each order personally by Sajit Kesavan